Research Library

The Research Library is designed to give you access to some of the science that supports the basis on which we have developed the 4D Life programme.

In this section of the website, we highlight and link to examples of some of the evidence that underpins the programme. There is now a substantial weight of evidence proving that the right exercise, diet and lifestyle choices can have a significant effect on motor and cognitive symptoms, quality of life and progression.

When looking at research it is important to remember that it is rare for any one study to provide definitive answers. Sample size is important, meaning results from a study involving hundreds of people are more reliable than a study involving tens. But the key is to look at the evidence in the whole, taking account of peer review, consensus, rigorous practice and also sample size.

To read the entire research document usually involves a small fee to buy access, but we have provided a brief summary, and the links take you to the abstract and page where the full text can be purchased.