Added Value

This section is designed to cover areas that we feel might be of added value to you.

For example, below you will find an interesting discussion between Nick and Una O’Brien on the subject of purpose and resilience. Una ran the Department of Health for 6 years. She is now a leadership coach for Praesta with an extensive background in health policy, on the board of Macmillan Cancer Support, non-executive Director of The University of Birmingham and Member of Council of The London School of Tropical Medicine.

Cure Parkinson’s Webinar on Exercise and Parkinson’s

This fascinating webinar discusses recent publications around the theme of exercise in Parkinson’s. The panel is chaired by Van Andel Institute’s Professor Patrik Brundin who is joined by Professor Bas Bloem (Radboud University Medical Centre, Netherlands), Dr Jakowec (University of Southern California) with patient views from Professor Karen Raphael, an epidemiological research scientist.

Amongst the many questions answered, is why PwP’s might not feel great immediately after exercise, but the long term effects are ell worth the effort.

Parkinson’s UK Chat Forum

Here’s a link to the PUK chat forum where you will find a community of people discussing their condition and supporting each other.

Videos from The European Parkinson Therapy Centre

Michael J Fox Foundation Newly Diagnosed Resources

“You have Parkinson’s disease.” Four words that come with a diagnosis full of questions and uncertainty. However you choose to start processing, you’re not alone. The Michael J. Fox Foundation has developed resources to help individuals and families move through the earliest days with Parkinson’s disease and beyond.

Extra Tips for Better Sleep

Why being in nature can reduce stress and anxiety, as well as improving health

Why and How to Reduce Your Alcohol Consumption

One to Keep an Eye On

4D Pharma Plc , a pharmaceutical company leading the development of Live Biotherapeutic products  – a novel class of drug derived from the microbiome – announces a collaboration with Parkinson’s UK to establish a Patient Advisory Board.