Loving Senior Couple on a walk in the woods

In the ‘Lifestyle’ dimension we will highlight and examine general aspects of today’s world that can directly influence the way we lead our lives.

For example, we will highlight aspects of the Environment in which we live, and what steps we can take to mitigate any potentially harmful aspects.

We will outline the importance of Planning and Preparation, and show how this can really help improve your chances of achieving better health.

We will take a general look at Drugs, both recreational and medicinal, bearing in mind that your specific Parkinson’s medication will be recommended and monitored by your medical team.

We will focus on why our bodies tend to develop misalignments due to the Repetition of certain muscular actions or static positions, which can lead to pain or injury, and what steps we can take to remedy them.

We will examine the hugely important role Sleep plays towards maintaining a healthy body, and what steps we can take to improve our sleep patterns.

We will lay bare the dangers of Stress, but also examine ways yoHelping Parkinson's stressu can manage stress to reduce its effects, and mitigate the negative influence it can have on your well-being, including the use of Massage.

And we will explain why Inactivity and too much Sitting is so bad for us, and reinforce again, why Walking is so good for us!

Overall, the Lifestyle dimension will show you how the 4D Life programme can add a sense of Purpose to your life, and help you on your way towards A Brighter Future!