Nutrition for People with Parkinson's Disease 1

‘Nutrition’ is our source of energy, part of our health insurance policy, and a great source of pleasure too!

Putting in place a diet that ticks all these boxes in a modern world is not all that difficult, but you do need to be armed with the right information. Understanding what constitutes a balanced diet, and how to select the right foods is key.

In the Nutrition dimension we will detail some of the relevant science and the nutritional values of food, that will guide you towards a healthy and enjoyable diet. And we will set out suggested dishes for Breakfast, Lunch and the Evening Meal that meet this scientific criteria.

We will shine a specific spotlight on Processed Foods and Wheat & Dairy, and we will also take a look at macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats), and micronutrients (minerals and vitamins), as well as how important Water is to your daily health.

Piece by piece, as someone living with Parkinson’s, we will help you implement a healthy eating programme that will give you maximum ability to boost your energy levels and your immune systems, as well as improving Digestion, and even Sleep. We will also review some specific Diets associated with Parkinson’s.

We will also introduce you to some key elements in how to manage a healthy diet:

  • Understanding and reading food labels
  • Recognising the importance of the ‘Healthy Eating Plate’
  • Recommended levels of calcium, salt, sugar, fats and supplements
  • How to Plan and Prepare
  • And the 80/20 rule!