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4D Life is an evidence-based exercise, nutrition and lifestyle programme developed specifically for people with Parkinson’s. It will guide and support you, showing you how to improve your symptoms, feel better and slow progression.

We are official partners of Parkinson’s UK and are supported by Cure Parkinson’s and The European Parkinson’s Therapy Centre.

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4D Life is structured to help you build a programme that suits you as an individual. Using the latest available evidence it helps improve symptoms of Parkinson’s such as balance, digestion, energy, stiffness, speech, posture and walking.

It brings together all the information you need on exercise, nutrition, function  and lifestyle :

●  48 professionally produced Video tutorials with printable Guidance Notes
●  Phone Support to get you started
●  Email reminders and Text Message prompts and alerts
●  Workout videos, Recipes, Exercise Demonstrations and Lifestyle solutions

It provides a clear roadmap to help you manage your Parkinson’s for life.

Improve Symptoms – Slow Progression – Feel Better

as a result of…

How we exercise…


How well we eat…


How well our bodies work…

How we live our daily lives…


These are the 4 Dimensions of the programme that together have the potential to slow progression, improve symptoms and increase your health and well-being. Please click on the Welcome Video below to get an insight into the programme and how it can help.

Your medical team will have told you that factors such as exercise, nutrition, function and lifestyle, alongside your medication, all play a significant role in helping to manage your Parkinson’s.

4D Life pulls together all the relevant information in one place, in a format that makes it easier to implement and easier to stay motivated.

It has the capacity to improve life in so many ways, creating a clear road map for you and all those around you.

Please click on the picture to the right to hear former GP, David Beales, speak of diagnosis, positive attitude and how the 4D Life programme can help.

David Beales Managing Parkinson's

4D Life – The Key Facts

  • Membership is on a subscription basis and costs just £12.75 every 4 weeks. This gives you access to the programme to build skills and habits for life.
  • A series of 48 Videos, approximately 5-10 minutes long, will be delivered over 12 weeks. These cover all four dimensions, motivating and supporting you to build an effective programme for each one.
  • The videos are supported by detailed Guidance Notes in PDF format that you can download and print.
  • We offer Phone and Email Support to help you set up the programme and get you started.
  • Also included is a comprehensive Text Message Programme underlining the messages of the videos, reminding you what to implement and keeping you motivated. (Make sure to fill in your Mobile number when you sign up if you would like to receive these).
  • You will have access to the Exercise Library containing routines and demonstrations for Mobilisation, Resistance, Cardio, Flexibility, Breathing, Balance, Posture, Core and the Gait Cycle.
  • You will have access to the Recipe Library, with example dishes and links following 4D Life nutrition guidelines.
  • You will have access to the Research Library providing you with links to some of the evidence that underpins the programme, as well as new research as it emerges.

Immediately on joining you will have access to your first 4 videos, as well as all the Libraries.

Your membership to the programme will allow you to watch the videos as many times as you like and make the programme a permanent part of your life.

To get started please do give us a call – we are always here to chat or answer any questions you may have. Or to access the programme please click here to Join.

Welcome to 4D Life.