People with Parkinson’s Exercising

Exercise for Parkinson’s Disease

‘Movement’, in all of its forms, is a key part of the 4D Life programme. There is so much evidence telling us that it is possible for exercise to improve Parkinson’s symptoms, slow down progression, and increase well-being whilst living with Parkinson’s. Lots of good quality movement is an important part of this.

The World Parkinson Congress recommends at least 30 minutes targeted exercise every day… and extensive research shows that if you achieve at least 150 minutes a week of intense exercise this alone can slow down progression and improve symptoms. It can also improve the brain’s ability to use dopamine, meaning less medication goes further, increasing it’s long-term effectiveness and decreasing side effects.

Implementing a Parkinson’s Specific Exercise Programme

But implementing an exercise programme for the first time once Parkinson’s has become a part of your life can be complicated, or even a little intimidating. And if you are already exercising, you will want to ensure that the way you engage in your whole movement programme is giving you maximum benefit, and having the very best effect.

The 4D Life Movement dimension leads you through a step-by-step process, helping you to implement key elements of an effective movement programme, including specific exercise types, supported by the most up-to-date evidence available.

In this dimension we will cover Mobilisation, Resistance, Cardio, Flexibility and Walking.

What Type of Exercise is best for Parkinson’s Disease

Implementing the right combination of Cardio and Resistance Training can improve energy, posture, balance, cognitive function, memory, stamina, digestion, strength, mood and mental health

The right Mobilisation and Flexibility programmes, using good technique targeting the key muscles and joints affected by Parkinson‘s, will also help to reduce rigidity, improve and maintain posture, improve balance, avoid pain or injury, and improve mobility and mood.

And Walking regularly, and walking well, can have such a positive effect on so many elements of your life.

The 4D Life Programme of Exercise for Parkinson’s

The 4D Life Movement dimension lays out all the possible options and combinations, enabling you to create a programme that suits you, but also follows the evidence showing how to gain maximum control over your condition, and your future.

We will give you the right information in all of these areas, helping you to integrate it into your life in the most efficient way for you as an individual, and emphasising why Movement is Medicine! And within the programme are links to many other useful resources, services and information. You can join the programme here JOIN

Here are some great research studies showing how effective exercise for Parkinson’s can be:




Exercises and Parkinson's Disease

People with Parkinson's Exercising

People with Parkinson’s Exercising