Welcome to 4D Life

We do hope you will enjoy actively engaging in the programme to help you, and all those around you, enjoy a healthier future. In it you will find a great deal of information to help you manage your Parkinson’s. Every element of the programme can provide a benefit in its own right. Please do not feel you need to adopt them all to make a difference, but if you adopt enough of them, the results can be truly life changing.

Please read this page, as there is key information included to ensure you get the very best out of the 4D Life programme.

The aim of 4D Life is to give you a road map to follow towards a healthier way of life, and to help manage your Parkinson’s.
Although there will undoubtedly be short term advantages, the main goal is to help you adopt long term habits that really will lead to you being able to live a brighter future.

Please see below for quick reference to each element within your 4D Life Members area.


This is a reminder of the whole programme ‘at a glance’. We suggest you download the PDF and print it off so you can see what is coming up each week.
The Programme Topics


(Found on ‘The Programme’ tab in the menu)

On joining, you will have immediate access to your first 4 introductory videos, one from each dimension. For 11 weeks thereafter, each Monday you will receive the next 4 videos from each dimension, until you have all 48 videos.

There is a lot of information in each video!  You don’t have to implement everything all at once. You can access each video as many times as you like during your membership

* The 4D Life programme videos are run off a high end streaming platform. Strong internet connection will help videos run smoothly, but like any technology, there can be glitches, particularly if your internet connection is not strong. If this happens, please first try re-running the video. Following this, you may want to reduce the picture resolution of your videos. You can do this by going to the bottom right hand corner of your video window, where you will find the settings icon ( )… here you can adjust to a lower resolution, which often helps videos run smoothly when internet connections are not as strong.


(Found on ‘The Programme’ tab in the menu)

These will accompany all weekly videos and be available in PDF format as support and guidance for each video. We suggest you download and save these to your computer, from which you can print them off and build into a file to create a comprehensive record of the key points of the programme.


Outdoor excersie class of smiling people

This contains all of the routines and demonstrations you will have seen or heard about in the weekly videos, as well as the more advanced routines for when you are ready to progress your effort.


Delicious and healty foods on a wooden table

In here you will find a wide variety of ideas for breakfast, lunch and evening meals.
These provide great options and ideas for a healthy and delicious eating plan.


This library is for those who may wish to delve more deeply into the science behind the programme.


This is a growing library of other useful information and links that will help to manage your Parkinson’s and improve health and wellbeing.


Our recommended Safety Guidelines are available in the attached PDF below.


These will help you to manage various elements of the programme more efficiently by planning what to do ahead of time, and then recording what you have done afterwards. You may find these particularly helpful in your interface discussions regarding your condition with your medical team. In the end, the more planning and logging you do, the more likely you are to succeed. Use whichever you feel would be helpful.

Movement: Movement Weekly Exercise Planner
Movement:Movement Resistance and Cardio Programme Card
Movement: Movement Monthly Exercise Log
Nutrition: NutritionWeekly Planner

10. Stretch Bands

We use stretch bands in some of the Resistance videos in the Movement dimension, and highly recommend these as an addition to your fitness journey. If you search for ‘stretch bands with handles’ on your search engine or on Amazon you will find many options for these. Go for a set that looks like the picture below (colours may differ), and has handles and a door anchor. How to use them is explained in Movement Week 3.

We do hope you will become fully engaged in 4D Life, and in this way, benefit from a fitter, healthier and more positive outlook on your ability to manage your Parkinson’s effectively.